Strategic Needs

Our Strategic personnel positions are those which help us build capacity for the future.  In order for our goals to become realities, we need help.  Some of these strategic roles will require specialized training and skills sets, others simply need a visionary with the energy to realize a dream.  Contact us for more information on a specific role.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Try here.

Nursing Educators

It has been a long-time dream of Galmi Hospital to open a nursing school.  Being able to train, mentor and disciple the future nursing staff of Niger would help to spread the ethos of compassionate care in the name of Jesus across this country.  French-language competency is preferred.


Mobility aides such as AFO’s and prosthetic legs are expensive and difficult for our patients at the SIM Galmi Hospital to access.  Our prosthetics clinic seeks to provide these devices at a reasonable cost.  Must be willing to train local staff to fabricate orthotics and prosthetics, as well as to assess and repair prosthetic limbs as needed.


In the 1990’s Galmi Hospital saw an exponential increase in patients coming daily for treatment.  This influenced the development of an evangelism department, in which local pastors would concentrate their efforts on sharing the Good News through preaching and prayer.  One of our visions for this department is that our pastors are also trained to provide emotional support and spiritual counseling in order to provide compassionate care that treats the whole person.  This role would also involve discipleship of our Christian Nigerien staff.  Experience in Christian Counseling or Pastoral Care is preferred.

ESL Teacher

Our PAACS residents originate from Francophone countries, but the program is in English.  In order to pass their written and oral exams they much reach a certain level of proficiency in the English language.  This is both conversational English and medical terminology.  ESL certification and experience preferred.

Community Health Workers

Galmi Hospital’s first village health project began in the 1980’s.  This eventually developed into the PDI (Programme de Development Inclusive) which focused on vaccinations, community health education and evangelism.  Unfortunately this project had to shut down by the early 2000’s.  Despite our history, we are looking to restart our Community Health work.

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