Hospital Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund seeks to assist Nigeriens in our community with the fewest resources and greatest needs, who are unable to afford the cost of their treatment.

Purpose of the Benevolent Fund

The majority of Niger’s over 26 million people, of which 50% live on less than $2.15 per day, survive on subsistent farming. The recent coup d’etat and subsequent economic sanctions imposed on Niger have caused an increase in the cost of living. It is not unusual for families to treat illnesses at home or seek out the least costly option first.  Treatment is often delayed until the condition becomes life threatening.

The Benevolent Fund works to supplement the expense of medical care.  At times, this may take the form of paying for a full hospital bill, a clinic visit or merely helping a mother who is far from home eat and feed her child during a hospital stay.

The Benevolent Fund also supports families who sadly have a relative pass away due to illness. Families of patients who pass away in the hospital have not only the grief of the loss of a loved one, but also the financial burden of the funeral and burial. To have the medical bill of their deceased relative paid for is an act of grace and a tremendous help to the family. Often the hospital evangelists have the opportunity to meet with and pray for these families.

In 2023, a dedicated case manager was appointed to seek out the most vulnerable and offer them financial assistance for their hospital visit, as well as sharing the good news of the grace of Jesus with them.

Chemotherapy and Typhoid Initiatives

In 2016 an individualized initiative was made to raise funds specific to subsidizing chemotherapy treatments for specific types of treatable cancers.  Chemotherapy is very expensive and there are very few options in Niger for cancer treatment. At the time, $50,000 was raised and designated within the Benevolent Fund to cover the cost of specific chemo drugs, clinic fees, and ongoing costs for the associated care. This money has now been exhausted and we rely upon regular donations to meet these costs.

Children suffering from typhoid who require an operation are also covered by the Benevolent Fund.

How You Can Give

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