Hospital Redevelopment Project

The original hospital buildings were constructed in 1950, but after decades of Niger’s harsh climate, the buildings have greatly deteriorated.

Why Redevelop

In 2003 a team of engineers came to assess the state of our facility and it was determined that the buildings contained several structural hazards.

In the 2000 the process of rebuilding began with the construction of a new operating room and pharmacy.  In 2007 the Housekeeping department was added along with a facility for staff toilets and lockers.

What are we Redeveloping

Phase 1: Surgical Ward  & Surgical Toilet Block (COMPLETED: 2012)

Phase 2: Obstetrics Ward  & Obstetrics Toilet Block (COMPLETED: 2013)

Phase 3: Administration Building

Phase 4: Pediatric and Medical wards

Phase 5: Emergency Department

Phase 6: Renovation of Outpatient Department

How to Give Towards our Redevelopment

Interested in supporting the work of the SIM Galmi Hospital by contributing to the Redevelopment Project?

Choose your country:



East Asia (be sure to include project #97450 on your cheque)

France (be sure to choose “projet” then “Niger-reconstruction”)

New Zealand (be sure to enter project name and number 97450)

United Kingdom (choose “give now” or “give regularly”, then select “my chosen project”, enter in Galmi Hospital Redevelopment 97450)

United States (select “support a project” and search for project #97450)

*Don’t see your country here, link to one of our international SIM offices that are able to accept donations.  Please contact them directly, and don’t forget our project number: 97450.