HIV Program

The HIV Program is an integral part of our work at SIM Galmi Hospital. Dr. Matt has directed the HIV Program since 2011, together with three full-time Nigerien staff. The program seeks to advance the awareness and treatment of HIV/AIDS and provides Christ-centered care for all who come to the clinic.

SIM Galmi Hospital is a full-service antiretroviral (ARV) center. Outside of Niamey, only two cities have clinics providing more ARV medications than Galmi. As part of our partnership with the Nigerien government, we provide the drugs to our patients for free.

In 2023, we treated over 1,300 patients with ARVs. This number includes 83 children. All HIV positive pregnant women are treated with ARVs in order to reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission.


The management of HIV/AIDS typically includes the use of ARVs. We have hundreds of HIV-positive patients who do not yet qualify for ARVs according to the national protocol, but we provide all their clinical care free of charge. This includes medications for other infections common in HIV positive patients, such as pneumonia and malaria, as well as hospitalization, lab monitoring, and x-ray services.

TB treatment for both HIV and non-HIV positive patients are made available free of charge through our HIV Programs.

Support Groups and Ancillary Services

We offer support groups for HIV-related education, peer support and encouragement, and spiritual care. In addition, patients who miss follow up visits are contacted by phone or visited in their home.


In 2023, over 10,000 people were screened for HIV by our program. This includes patients who come requesting a voluntary test, as well as those whose clinical presentation warrant testing, such as a patient with chronic diarrhea or another sign of HIV. We also offer universal screening for pregnant women and blood donors. We provide counseling services to help any new patient understand their diagnosis.


Our clinic employs two full time counselors, who provide culturally appropriate education. We make sure each patient learns how HIV is spread so they can take precautions, and we ask that they encourage their sexual partners and children to come for testing.


Niger is an oral culture, so to raise awareness, one of our most effective tools has been a 15-minute broadcasts from three local radio stations. Our outreach team also has shared at village open-air markets, in rural villages, prisons, schools and camps. We have also held training sessions for specific influential members of the community: religious leaders, traditional midwives, village elders, traditional surgeons, etc.

In-house, our outreach team shares bed-to-bed on the hospital wards, making sure that all of our inpatients, regardless of diagnosis, are aware of our free HIV testing.

 How can you help?

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