The SIM Galmi Hospital is a not-for-profit institution and our objective is to provide compassionate care in the name of Jesus.  Niger is one of the least developed nations on our planet with a high majority of citizens who live below the poverty line.  This means that many of the services we offer to our patients must be subsidized with external funding, or it would not be possible for us to provide certain aspects of care.

SIM International hosts specific projects that allow us to receive funding from individual donors.  These donations make our work possible.  Please check out our projects below.

General Hospital Fund

Since 1950, the SIM Galmi Hospital has been serving Nigeriens and has been a bridge for the Gospel in this country of over 25 million people.  Our patients often travel great distances to come to Galmi for treatment, because of our far reaching reputation.


Hospital Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund seeks to assist Nigeriens in our community with the fewest resources and greatest needs, who are unable to afford the cost of their treatment.


HIV Program

The HIV Program is an integral part of our work at SIM Galmi Hospital. Dr. Matt has directed the HIV Program since 2011, together with three full-time Nigerien staff. The program seeks to advance the awareness and treatment of HIV/AIDS and provides Christ-centered care for all who come to the clinic.


Staff Training

One of our objectives at the SIM Galmi Hospital is to develop the level of professionalism and competence of our Nigerien employees.  We believe that by investing in our staff we will see an overall improvement in the level of care that our patients receive.


Surgical Training Project

By training and discipling African Christian surgeons, we seek to develop Christian leaders who share the Gospel while demonstrating His love through the alleviation of suffering.


Surgical Supplies and Research

This project was created in 2023 in order to raise the quality of surgical care in rural Niger, through the purchase of surgical equipment and supplies, as well as conducting on-the-ground medical research. (more…)


The CREN (Centre de Réhabilitation et Education Nutritionnel) is our nutritional rehab centre for malnourished children under the age of five.  Founded at the SIM Galmi Hospital in 1991, it was the only centre of its kind in the country.  Only in 2005 did MSF (Doctors without Borders) establish a nationwide CREN program.


[CLOSED] Physical Therapy Project

Since 1950, Galmi Hospital has been providing acute medical and surgical care for thousands of patients each year. However, the hospital was unable to provide restorative care in the domain of physical therapy, which significantly limits the healing process for many.