Staff Training

One of our objectives at the SIM Galmi Hospital is to develop the level of professionalism and competence of our Nigerien employees.  We believe that by investing in our staff we will see an overall improvement in the level of care that our patients receive.

Purpose of the Staff Training Project

In the 1990’s our hospital transitioned from a nursing staff composed uniquely of expatriate missionaries to a handful of qualified Nigerien nurses and a team of nursing aides, who were trained onsite.  Over the decade it became apparent that further training for our staff would be necessary.

In 1998 we began sending staff for further training in nursing, midwifery and lab training.  Since that time, these scholarships have been extended to various medical and non-medical professions.

How the Project Works

Each year scholarships are granted based on certain criteria, and staff that qualify are invited to apply. While scholarship recipients are away at their training program, the student also receives a stipend to cover living expenses while away from home.

In order to ensure the investment in Galmi Hospital’s future and the success of this project, students commit to work two years at the hospital for every year they are away at school.

The project also provides funding for workshops and conferences that provide professional development or further training for our staff.  This funding covers workshop fees, room and board during the course, and transportation costs.

How to Support the Project

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