Surgical Training Project

By training and discipling African Christian surgeons, we seek to develop Christian leaders who share the Gospel while demonstrating His love through the alleviation of suffering.

Purpose of the Surgical Training Project

The goals of this project reflect core values of SIM. We seek to be a learning, growing community which is concerned for human need, strengthened through diversity and responsive to our times. The PAACS Surgical Residency program at SIM Galmi Hospital seeks to contribute to the realization of these goals. There is a critical shortage of physicians – particularly surgeons in Africa, and Niger in particular. With only 1.5 surgeons per million people in Niger compared to 447 surgeons per million people in the US.  There is also a profound lack of surgical training programs in Africa, which is a major contributor to this shortage.

How the Project Works

The SIM Galmi Hospital has partnered with the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) to host a surgical residency program.  Our first residents arrived in August 2012 and our first graduate was in 2017.  Each resident comes for five years with his/her family to complete the training program. We currently have 10 surgical residents in the program, and one of our first graduates is now working at Galmi Hospital as a pediatric surgeon and training others.

Find out more on the PAACS program at Galmi Hospital.

In the past, the Surgical Training Project helped support our Nigerien Chief of Surgery through his surgical residency and fellowship.  We now use the project to help subsidize the housing needs of our residents as well as to purchase additional surgical training materials and equipment.

How You Can Give

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