Surgical Supplies and Research

This project was created in 2023 in order to raise the quality of surgical care in rural Niger, through the purchase of surgical equipment and supplies, as well as conducting on-the-ground medical research.


Many patients need emergency surgical care for typhoid intestinal perforations, soft tissue infections, and open fractures. The majority of our patients are from rural areas who are farmers who make just enough to feed their families. For our region, we are the most equipped surgical department for many hours around, so many come from all over for surgical care. With the very high cost of modern surgical equipment, it is not possible to pass on these costs to our patients. In addition, we are not able to find local options of many supplies for modern surgical equipment – both disposable and non-disposable. Having access to specific surgical supplies will allow us to improve our patient care and also broaden the education of PAACS general surgery residents who need to learn a diverse range of surgical procedures that often require specific equipment.

We also need funding to be able to do research and advance our care of patients.


This project provides the finances we need to maintain and develop the surgical department, the types of cases we can provide for patient care, and the education we can provide to the PAACS general surgery residents, by providing finances for the following:

      • Disposable surgical supplies
      • Non-disposable surgical supplies and equipment
      • Repairs of surgical equipment
      • The cost of transport, import authorization fees, and customs fees for surgical supplies to Galmi
      • Research projects approved by the SIM Galmi Institutional Review Board that will require additional surgical supplies and equipment (including at present a research project on pediatric typhoid intestinal perforations)


Interested in helping to improve the surgical care offered by SIM Galmi Hospital by contributing to the Surgical Supplies and Research Project?

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